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Hey Little Dick video – Photo shoot humiliation

This hunky dude is very sure and confident in himself, but little did he expect to get laughed at in this latest hey little dick video. He may be a really good photographer and can work some magic with his big camera, but not the same can be said about his really tiny dick. He bragged that he had hundreds of hot sexy babes at his disposals and that he fucked them all night long, and so the babes in front of him wanted some love proof.

When he dropped out his pants, standing there all naked and very cocky, the sexy sluts started laughing and began wondering where his cock was. One of them even grabbed it with two fingers and it was gone. He started talking that he will fuck them hard in the ass ripping them apart, filling them with his blow, but that made the babes even more amused. Even so, to prove himself, he started to wank it, and in the end cum, but you could hardly see it coming out from his tiny dick. Check out heylittledick and see for yourself the tiny blow. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the modelstied site and see some gorgeous models showing off their curves and getting tied!

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Hey Little Dick Porn Video – The new boyfriend

I got to say I love a good cock to fill me up. So when I met this dude, and saw his tiny thing, I knew I had to do the latest hey little dick porn video. Me and my sexy friends dared him to show it us, so that they could all see I wasn’t kidding when I told them that this dude had the smallest dick ever. When he dropped his pants, filling might proud of his cock, we all burst into laughing, cause there was just something really small hanging where a large hard power tool should be.

As we started to play with it, trying really hard to grab it and wank him, it grew few more inches, and that only made us laugh even more. We had our fun with him all night long, even trying to fuck his tiny dick, but there was just nothing to cram deep insides out tight hungry pussies. So we masturbated him a little longer, until he finally cum, and he was very proud that he managed to blow him cum all the to his knee. He was standing on a chair. Check out heylittledick and enjoy the tiny show. If you’re looking for similar videos, check out the http://www.colorclimax.org blog and see some kinky ladies getting wild!

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The strip poker game

I am always up for a game of strip poker, and my new boyfriend seemed more than happy to join in when I told him we would make the latest hey little dick. After a few drinks and some laughter, we started playing, and I may have forgotten to mention to him that I was really good at this and also that we weren’t playing faire, and we just wanted to see him naked. I rubbed on him on several occasions, and I felt nothing, so I said to my sexy babe we have to know what is he hiding.

When we got to the part where he had to loose his boxers, he stood up, and very confident dropped them on the floor, revealing his….really really tiny cock. We just could not help it and started laughing so hard. We even grabbed a ruler and measured his tiny cock. We started playing with it, trying to make it a little bigger so that we could have some fun with it. It grew two more inches as we masturbated him and then made a very not impressive blow as he released. Check out hey little dick and see what I am talking about. Also you can visit the http://hdwetting.org site and see some crazy ladies wetting their panties and jeans!


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HeyLittleDick – Office cock humiliation

My boss is always really mean and acts all rough around all the ladies in the office. And it happened more than once when he touched us or made sexy comments on us. So we all gathered one night, and decided that it was pay back time. And for him that meant the latest heylittledick. We cornered him in the conference room, and after not to much argument, we made him drop his pants.

As he was standing there looking very happy with himself and waiting for our impressed reaction, we all began laughing really hard. He had a really tiny dick, one you had to find in order to play with it. Which we did, cause we all wanted to see how much larger it would get. Two of us started to wank it, using their fingers, while the other were walking around showing off their tight tits and hot bodies. As it turned out he was small and useless, cause as soon as he got hard, he ejaculated in his own lap, which made us feel pretty sorry for him, but also laugh some more in his face. Have a look at hey little dick videos and enjoy the sexual humiliation. Also you can join the www.chateaucuir.org site and see some hot babes in leather outfits getting wet and wild!


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Hey Little Dick – The male stripper

For her bachelorette party, me and my friends wanted to surprise Krystal, so we ordered online a really hot good looking male stripper. Little did we know that we would be making the latest hey little dick porn cfnm video. When he got to our flat we had no idea what we were in for, cause the dude sure looked hot and he had a body to die for. But when he dropped his pants, the real surprise walked in.

We all stopped for a minute and then we just started laughing really loud and hard. He had a really really tiny cock, but his ego was three times the size of his tiny mass destruction power tool. We went for it, and started to give him a wank, just to see how large it will get. We were more than disappointed to see that not by a lot, but we were really surprised by the amount of cum that came out. Have a look at heylittledick and see for yourself


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Officer robbed of his manhood

I have to say I rather did enjoy the latest masterpiece from hey little dick videos. And if there is something that I enjoy more than a fuck, is to see one hot looking man being laughed at and sexually humiliated because of his really tiny cock by two hot sexy bitches. And it sure is the case with this dude.

He is very good looking, all muscles and stuff, but when the babes make him drop off his pants the fun begins. For them, because he gets laughed at and ridiculized, as these babes are trying really hard to locate his tiny cock. When they finally do find it, they grab it with their fingers and start jurking him off, in the high chance that his tool would grow an inch or two. It grew by one, but the amount of cum he released all over their hot boobs made a difference. But enough to make him pass through the night. Have a look at hey little dick and watch this dude being kicked out in the middle of the street, his cock getting even smaller – of that is possible – in the cold. If you liked this scene visit fartdomination.org blog and find some similar fetishist videos and pics inside!


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Hey Little Dick – The pizza delivery guy

I have had my faire share of cock. All sizes and all shapes and colors, and I thought that there is nothing out there that would or could surprise me. But this latest hey little dick porn proved me to be dead wrong and I have to say I had a good time trying to check out this guy’s small tiny cock. At one point I even told him I think he has two belli buttons, cause that sure did not look like a cock to me.

I started playing with it, rubbing it with my two fingers at heylittledick.com, made him touch my tight sexy tits, hopping to see that tiny thing growing a little. It sure got harder, but the size remained the same. I tried putting it in my twat, but it just could not reach it. That was the moment when I just started laughing so hard. I continued to jurke him off and was a little surprised when his blow was all over my face, making me have a taste of what that tiny cock can produce. Have a look and enjoy this small cock show! For similar scenes visit http://domkarin.org/ website. See you soon, stay tuned!making-fun-of-the-delivery-guy

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HeyLittleDick – The paramedics step in

I do enjoy a good heylittledick update. This time around, we have a guy really proud of his cock, more than willing to show what he can do with it to anyone who would want. But this time he found his match. Cause these sexy ass nurses are all about large hard power tools, and he simply does not qualify. The moment they see his wanna be cock, they burst into laughter, and they just can’t believe how small his cock is.

In the off chance that it might get bigger, they start rubbing it, using just two of their fingers. As they jurke him off, he feel very proud, but these babes continue to laugh right into his face, measuring it at a total lengths of 3 inches. Now that is really small, and they start to wonder what could one do with suck a small cock. His blow of cum is equally small, and it seems more like some one spit on his chest. Check out hey little dick videos and enjoy this one of a kind sexual humiliation and if you are looking for other fetish videos visit sicflics.net website and enjoy watching some kinky babes in action!paramedics-checking-out-guy's-small-cpck

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Night club bouncer gets humiliated

When I saw this buff of a security dude in front of the club, I though to myself this would be my lucky night, as I was sure he would rock my world with his large hard dick. To my otter shock, I ended up doing the latest hey little dick porn. I was more than surprised when he dropped of his pants and very proud flashed out his cock. His very very tiny cock. So tiny I could grab with my two fingers and rub him off.

I only did that to see of it would grow a little. Again disappointed it did not, but it got harder and harder. I wondered if I could fuck him with that tiny cock, but when I grabbed it simply did not reach my hungry cunt. So I continued to masturbate him, until he released a spit of cum. Never overestimate a dude. Take a look at hey little dick and see why. If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, enter the http://www.fetishliza.org site and find some similar material! Enjoy!babes-checking-up-a-small-dick

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Hey Little Dick – Humiliating poor Frank

This poor little guy sure had no ides what he was getting himself into when he agreed to be on the latest hey little dick videos. These three hot nasty bitches sure took their time to laugh it out when they saw with what they were supposed to work with. Like the guys from club dom videos, he had a really tiny cock, so tiny it could fit between two fingers and you would not see it anymore.

Even so, these babes had a good time, as they tried to make poor Frank grow a larger cock. They wanked him, they walked around showing off their tight asses and large tits, but his small cock was getting only harder, but not bigger. In the end they just masturbated tiny cock at heylittledick.com . They take turns to play with his cock and tease him that if he was their boyfriend they would never be interested in sex. In the end he could not hold it in longer and released a small blow of cum, just right for his tiny small dick. making-fun-of-frank's-little-dick

See these babes humiliating that small dicked guy!

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