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Little Dick Teasing

We have these two nasty chicks mocking this guy for his small dick. They went out this club a few night ago and they just couldn’t return home empty handed. They looked for a decent guy to take with them but they only saw this hot guy at the bar. They went next to him and after a few shots they returned to their place. They didn’t have the biggest hopes but they were expecting a cock, not something this small. The girls undressed him and had a shock when he took off his pants. Luckily they didn’t undress, because well they didn’t have for what.

They felt bad for the poor guy but they couldn’t stop laughing once they saw his cock. The girls started comparing it to their fingers they had a blast that night, even thought they didn’t got laid it was still a good night. And beside that now the girls know how small a dick can be and surely will appreciate a real cock the next time they will see it. If you liked this scene you must take a look at http://dirtygardengirl.org/ for more insane fetish updates! Enjoy it and see you guys later!

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