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The strip poker game

I am always up for a game of strip poker, and my new boyfriend seemed more than happy to join in when I told him we would make the latest hey little dick. After a few drinks and some laughter, we started playing, and I may have forgotten to mention to him that I was really good at this and also that we weren’t playing faire, and we just wanted to see him naked. I rubbed on him on several occasions, and I felt nothing, so I said to my sexy babe we have to know what is he hiding.

When we got to the part where he had to loose his boxers, he stood up, and very confident dropped them on the floor, revealing his….really really tiny cock. We just could not help it and started laughing so hard. We even grabbed a ruler and measured his tiny cock. We started playing with it, trying to make it a little bigger so that we could have some fun with it. It grew two more inches as we masturbated him and then made a very not impressive blow as he released. Check out hey little dick and see what I am talking about. Also you can visit the http://hdwetting.org site and see some crazy ladies wetting their panties and jeans!


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